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Self Storage and Commercial Storage facility safety systems

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In the United States alone there are more than 50,000 self-storage facilities with roughly 2.4 billion square feet of rentable space according to spare foot. The Self Storage industry is one that is continuously growing and have become a staple of communities all over the country. Safety of the goods stored as well as the tenants who frequent their units is an overwhelming concern in the industry, most storage facilities have standard measures in place to help deter theft and vandalism.

Common practices include:

  • Resident Managers with office hours
  • Computarized gate access systems
  • Security cameras
  • Well illuminated facilities

Self Storage facilities owners and managers are constantly trying to decrease vacancy rates and secure the valuables of their tenants especially as more and more players like private equity and REIT’s continue to dominate the space facility owners must continue to add security measures to keep properties safe and vacancy rates low. Migro’s Xtended range system can provide unique solutions to securing self-storage facilities perimeters. The Xtended range system is comprised of Wireless industrial grade RF transmitters and receivers, these systems operate without the need for WiFi connections and are essentially unhackable. Systems can be extremely versatile in their uses as they are designed to set on/off (I/O) any discrete dry contact DDC. The MXT-4 and MXR-4 have the ability to combine multiple transmitters and receivers which allow the systems to be expandable to cover large areas and facilities. The wireless systems have no wires to run and or tamper with significantly reducing the cost of installation and adding an extra layer of security to the facility. Xtended range systems have been used to set up off perimeter wide alarm systems that include horns and strobes to deter criminals in the act, other clients have used systems to activate lockdown procedures that lock all doors on all buildings once the system is security has been compromised. The Xtended range can also be used as a backup gate access system to manually and wirelessly provide access to patrons of the facility while it is being managed during office hours if the main gate access system is not functional, handheld options are available that allow managers and employees to allow access to the facility from up to 5 miles away with the use of handheld RF radio. Linear Proacess previously had a similar solution to the xtended range system for gate access the XR-4 and XR-8 (SST00083, SST00084, SSR00068, SSR00069) , but that line has since been discontinued so If you are looking to beef up your security at your facility and need a solution that is a bit out of the box, Migro’s xtended range can provide a versatile set of functions and can significantly reduce labor and material cost of running wires.